Don’t have a Bank? No Problem

With WikiPay You Don’t Need One

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Send Money

Just tap your personal money concierge

  • With the pad of your favorite finger, you have the ability to send money to anyone, anywhere in the United States with just a mobile number or email address.
  • Friend or family member out of the States? With WikiPay, you can also send money to over 200 countries; perfect for students travelling abroad. learn more

Receive money…in seconds

No checks required

  • Want your money now? With WikiPay, cashing checks and accepting payments now takes the same amount of time as searching for your ID.
  • And for those nights when you're feeling nostalgic, use your WikiPay card to withdraw the green stuff at any ATM. WikiPay gives you the freedom to have your money wherever adventure takes you. learn more

Request money

You're in control

  • Running a side business or did a friend lose a bet? Request money from family and friends by entering their mobile number or email address, and the job is done.
  • You've got enough to think about, chasing payments shouldn't be one of them. When money is owed to you, simply send a reminder to get paid quickly, safely, and easily. learn more

Get a Visa debit card

  • For those that appreciate the feel of thin, rectangular objects, we offer a WikiPay Visa card - accepted at more than 24 million locations around the world!
  • Withdraw money from ATMs and banks or make purchases online and in stores.
  • You can also set up direct deposit, for paychecks or government benefits. When payday has arrived, your funds are available immediately for you to use any way you like. We don't judge! learn more

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