Quickly increase GP across all departments

With a successful track record of providing services to Government, Defence and large corporates Rymac has taken all of that experience and has created RUSH: for the retail sector.

“The large retailers such as Coles, Woolworth, Aldi and others have significant chests of money to spend on sophisticated electronic supply-chain solutions. You will often hear terms such as EDI, iVAN’s, eInvoice and Supplier Portals banded around the big end of town.

Who is helping the smaller retailer to compete, prepare for the future and ultimately prosper in the coming years.

How Do We Do This?
Rush: Online!

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Here's How We Can Help You!

For Retailers

Extract all you can from your direct supplier invoices.


  • Line item details,
  • Reduced staff and handling costs,
  • Accurate stock On Hand levels,
  • Easy import into financial system,
  • Stop archiving paper,


  • Generate reports that show you the actual GP rather than the potential.
  • Reduce costs and increase profit.
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For Suppliers

Ensure your products are ranged and updated for all retail customers, accurately, quickly and easily.


  • Upload your catalogues to one place,
  • Add/delete or change as many products as you like,
  • Create specials.


  • Retailers have accurate timely product information,
  • Price changes and specials are updated in seconds,
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