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Our Concept

Our vision is to add value to mid-range properties and sell them with an eye on the welfare of buyers and our own.


Nodia Mansions gives you everything You need

Located in the suburbs of London, Nodia Mansions are true architectural marvels of the 21st century. The mansions are situated by the side of Heath Road in Thornton Heath, which is a district in South London. Tailored to meet the requirements of people with different preferences, the rooms are constructed with immaculate precision and within well-thought out specifications. These mansions make great use of space and allow for unrestricted movement. The inhabitants get to enjoy the luxurious spaces, which are crafted with an eye for comfort and splendor.

The manicured communal gardens in the vicinity ensure clean and fresh air along with a view that is simply too sublime to take your eyes off. Private courtyards and balconies offer ample room for you to stretch your limbs or just yawn away in the morning after a hectic night.

With Viking flavor added to the decor of the rooms, the residents get to relish the irresistible Nordic charms. A great deal of emphasis has been laid on combining relaxation with enjoyment and it clearly shows in the designing and construction of the place. The added advantage of bespoke bathrooms and kitchen provide you an option to add your own personal touch to the construct of the house and make it your very own in the true sense of the word.

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