Medical Billing

Medical Billing of CT is dedicated to providing physicians with the best possible medical billing services available We use some of the best


Includes initial billing, follow-up, posting of payments, and automatically addressing any non-payment/underpayment issues

Why Us

Our Software Reduces Claim Denials, Quicker Reimbursements, Reduced Aged Receivables and Increased Profits while you focus on your practice.

ICD - 10

ICD-10 is the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Built in ICD-9 to ICD-10 Converter.

Our Medical Billing Services.

Maximize your reimbursement with our comprehensive medical billing and A/R services. Our medical revenue management service frees you from the costs and tasks of managing complex software, systems, and personnel. Easily offload cumbersome business and billing processes to MBCT and put more focus on the medical side of your practice. MBCT provides Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing, Practice Management……

Explore the Benefits of MBCT’S Medical Billing Services A flexible & transparent billing experience, MBCT sets the path for innovative medical billing services within the mental health industry.

  • Realize income faster
  • Manage revenue affordability
  • Reduce billing complexity
  • Maintain complete visibility
  • Stay on top of regulatory changes
  • Free Practice Management Software
  • Cloud-based Anytime / Anywhere Access
  • No Risk — You’re Not Locked In
  • iPad & tablet accessible
  • Links to your EMR/EHR
  • Reports and Results any CPA will approve
  • HIPPA Compliant Staff
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Improved Cash Flow

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Who We Are

As Co-Founder and President of Medical Billing of Connecticut, Michelle Allen sets the path for innovative medical billing services within the mental health industry. An entrepreneur by nature, she decided to create a business that would provide support to the clinicians who dedicate themselves to healing our community. With passion for mental health care, her 16-year experience has led her to become an expert in the field of mental health billing.

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