“If you own Whole Life or any Universal Life
insurance policy you’re likely paying too much”

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Life Insurance

Users may increase their benefits by 25% or more
at no additional cost.

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The Struggles of Northwestern Mutual

22 November 11:50 am by
It has been just over a year since Northwestern Mutual acknowledged that it was struggling internally due to the continuous low interest rate environment. In early 2017 the company made it clear that it needed to “streamline” and “restructure”. In October 2016 Northwestern Mutual reduced their dividend crediting rate again from 5.45% to 5%. Since 2008,

Striving for More Tax-Free Income with Life Insurance

9 November 6:20 am by
What many people do not realize when they first buy tax-advantaged income policies like Whole Life and Universal Life insurance is that policies are not all equal. In fact, most life insurance policies are sold to consumers with very little information about the state of the industry or the tactics they should use to get the most out of their benefits.

Life Insurance Review

Life insurance reviews can potentially result in a combination of reduced premiums, increased death benefits, and enhanced tax-free retirement income solutions. If insurance policies are more than a few years old, or have not been purchased from an M Financial Group firm, it is highly likely we can significantly improve the performance of the existing policy.

  • Increase death benefit at no cost
  • Reduce or eliminate premium levels with no detriment to death benefit
  • Increase projected tax-free income
  • Lower expense charges
  • Guaranteed investment performance floor of 0%


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Is this the best
policy for me?
Do I need to keep making
these premium payments?
Is my cash value growing at the
dividend rate my agent tells me?
I don’t understand
what I own?
Am I paying too much?
Is there a cheaper option?

On average, users can possibly increase their benefits by 25% or more with our quick and easy process.



M Financial Group

As a part of the M Financial Group we have access to the lowest cost insurance products in the industry. M Financial Group was founded on the principal that “off-the-shelf” products do not meet the needs of the affluent individual. The policies offered through M Financial have their own mortality table which was designed specifically for the affluent and is much more cost effective for than traditional retail products.

For over 35 years, M Financial has worked closely with some of the leading insurance carriers to pioneer some of the industry’s most innovative insurance solutions. M Financial Re, a life reinsurance company, reinsures a large percentage of the policies from M member firms. This aligns the interests of M member firms and the insurance carriers for quality business.”

  • $148 B $148B Amount of Life Insurance in Force
  • $ 50 M $50M M Financial Re Invests
  • 7th 7th Largest Insurance Distributor in the U.S.
  • 54 54 Cost of Insurance Reductions on 20 Propretary Products
As of 3/2017
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Potential to Improve Your
Life Insurance

Users may increase their benefits by 25% or more
at no additional cost.

I don’t own life insurance but want to learn more

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